Turkey’s innovative company AB PLUS breath into the toy industry wıth i-toys brand. Smartphones become interactive playmates in i-toys kits and i-toys humanoids.


When children have i-toys products, they are not just a toy, they gain replaceable and renewable playmates. He learns intelligent algorithms with artificial intelligence supported products, while he teaches his toy commands, he also learns how to learn.


With i-toys puzzle blocks, they can interfere with the apps on their mobile phones, program them, break them and create a new form.


With the programs they will download from I-Toys City, they can bring new competencies to the toys. I-toys City comes with important innovations in its own category. This new digital marketplace, which is a candidate to become the ecosystem of the toy world, includes a hunreds of mini programs, competencies that can be given to robots, spare parts, plug-in sensors and specially produced kits and parts. The programs that can be obtained from the i-toys city website from the Internet can be automatically downloaded to the toys connected to wifi by the help of embedded technologies.